Lead Generating - Plan and Systemize Your Discovery Calls Planner / Workbook

Dread doing Discovery Calls? Get ready to get over that fear with this step-by-step planner.

Discovery calls are important for onboarding a new clients or for interviewing potential members of a mastermind group or other paid program you have developed. I’ll take you through the process of choosing a lead magnet, how to pre-screen prospects, how to take control of these discovery calls, and how to automate the process so you have more time for work. This workbook allows you to plan and systemize your discovery call process.

Here's what's included in this 22 page planner:

Step 1: Build an Enticing Freebie to Drive Client Sign-Ups

Exercise: Brainstorm ideas for your lead magnet which are tied-in to your paid product.

Step 2: Pre-Screen to Ensure All Your Prospects are Perfect Fits

Exercise: Determine your ideal client and create your pre-screening form.

Step 3: Create a Call Rubric That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Exercise: Create a rubric for your discovery call. Write down answers to common questions or objections.

Exercise: Print out this rubric for each discovery call to keep your prospects’ answers organized and to evaluate if they are a “good fit” candidate for your program.

Exercise: Write out your rejection speech for those who are not a good fit for your program.

Step 4: Write an Unforgettable Follow-Up Email Series

Exercise: Plan your email follow up series.

Exercise: Brainstorm multiple subject lines using strong action words and urgency.

Step 5: Make it Urgent! Set a Timeline for Call Sign-Ups

Exercise: Create a timeline calendar for when you will close out discovery calls and when you’ll close the program.

Step 6: Put Your Discovery Call System on Autopilot

Exercise: Investigate how to automate your prospecting and discovery call processes.

Exercise: Plan an email series for each scenario below. Include number of emails in the series, calls to action, deadline reminders, and subject lines.

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