Complete Guide to Building a 6 Figure Mastermind Workbook

Imagine if you can design your road to unlimited success in one weekend.

Did you know that business owners who work with other like-minded business owners usually have bigger ideas and better strategically laid-out plans. They also tend to succeed exceedingly faster than those who try to strategize alone.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a place to strategize and collaborate with other success driven business owners? A group where members can guide and challenge each other with new ideas that are tested and usable feedback is given.

Think about how this would drive you member's businesses on the road to success!

This is what a mastermind program does for business owners!

And guess what? If you think being in a mastermind sounds like an invaluable business resource, then what do you think leading one does?

As a leader of a mastermind group, you will have the pleasure of helping multiple people at the same time, have the comradeship that many business owners lack, ability to help others with their accountability as well as be accountable yourself, and you get to earn some money while doing all of this!

With this planner you can easily create your own mastermind group in as little time as one weekend!

Here's what's included in this 29 page, step-by-step planner:

Step 1: 6 Questions to Help You Design a Successful Mastermind

If you want your mastermind program to be successful right from the beginning, you'll need to answer six questions honestly and in-depth. The more planning you put into this step, the more value your members will see and they will jump as the chance to join.

o Exercise: Brainstorm your answers to these 6 questions to help you design your Mastermind.

• Step 2: The Best Way to Choose a Topic Your Followers Can't Resist

Choosing a topic for your Mastermind isn’t just about pulling a topic from the top of your head because your group shouldn't be about what YOU'RE passionate about. Your passion might not be what many people need, so you need to think strategically during this step.

o Exercise: Brainstorm ways to choose your Mastermind topic.

• Step 3: How to Set Up Your Pricing For an Easy Yes

Coming up with pricing for your services can be tricky. You don’t want to undersell your value just to attract more customers but, at the same time, you don’t want to overprice your offering and turn people away. It can be a real struggle but it’s not impossible to overcome.

o Exercise: Strategize your price point for your mastermind program.

• Step 4: How to Screen Potential Members for a 100% Perfect Fit

The success of any mastermind program depends on how well the group is organized and how much each member participates. There’s nothing worse than a leader who's late to meetings or whose members would rather catch the meeting's replay rather than attend live.

o Exercise: Write out your qualifying questions to ask each potential mastermind candidate.

• Step 5: What's the Secret to a Successful Mastermind? A Solid Plan

If you don’t plan – or you fail to write down that plan – you will forget important tasks that need to happen in your Mastermind's planning or in the actual meetings themselves.

o Exercise: Strategize your meeting's flow and how you will make sure you hear from all of your members.

• Step 6: 5 Online Components Every Mastermind Group Needs

Just like with any new product or service, you’ll need to promote your Mastermind diligently and have some common components in place to help attract leads to your application and prospect questionnaire.

o Exercise: Construct each of these components. Use strong action words, your branding components, and photos of yourself.

• Step 7: Marketing Strategies That Will Get You a Long Waiting List

Just like with any other package, a consistent and strong marketing strategy will create buzz for your new Mastermind as well as attract leads. Consistency is key when promoting online, so be sure to formulate a social media strategy and other media opportunities to spread the word.

o Exercise: Choose your enrollment option and then plan your Mastermind marketing strategy.

• Step 8: Why It’s Very Critical to Gather Feedback and Revise

Even the best laid out plans can have room for improvement. Don't be surprised if you discover the need for improvement while your Mastermind is in progress or you may hear complaints from members after it ends. Either way, be aware of receiving constructive criticism because it’s an excellent way for you to improve the program for future use; so that it becomes bigger and better.

o Exercise: Write out an exit survey for your members to leave feedback after the mastermind ends.

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